The event includes different workshops. Seats are limited. Pre-registration is required, you can pay at the hospital by September 20 or you can click here for online payment.

Price: $30 each

On September 27, 2019:

– 9:00-11:00: Person-Centered Care: Practical Approaches

The workshop highlights the person-centered care as a conceptual framework and how it could be operationalized into the hospital setting. An initial presentation is made to clarify the principles of the person-centered approach with a comparison between the traditional model and that of person-centered model and to present various practical steps that can be taken by the hospital in the journey towards becoming a person-centered hospital.

In the second section of the workshop, the participants are involved in evaluating case studies to highlight the elements that could be introduced or modified to implement the person-centered care model.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  1. Introduce the person-centered care system and emphasize the main features of this system
  2. Compare the traditional model of patient care with the person-centered care approach
  3. Highlight practical steps that can be taken during the transition process
  4. Develop the skills of reviewing individual cases to demonstrate the implementation of the person-centered care in healthcare settings

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-14:00-16:00: Forming a Patient and Family Advisory Council 

Have you considered bringing the patient to the decision table? It’s the time to do so!

Patient and family advisors play a valuable role in improving the safety and quality of health care and reducing medical errors. Integrating patient advisory groups within the healthcare model is a promising step to achieve ongoing patient engagement, enhance performance improvement initiatives, and address patient experience.
This workshop gives you the chance to learn about the importance of this group, the best practices on how to form it, as well as gain insight on the models followed by Bellevue Medical Center and American University of Beirut Medical Center.
The workshop provides an opportunity to reflect the theory into your own practice by going through an exercise of implementing a PFAC in your own hospital setting.

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On September 28, 2019:

– 9:00-11:00: Experiential Learning Sessions: How to Make Your Staff Members Put Themselves into the Shoes of Patients and their Families

One of the essential elements of having a Person-Centered Environment is changing the culture in healthcare organizations. While it is challenging for most healthcare organizations to change culture, there are certain practices that ignite this evolution. Exposing your staff members to experiential learning sessions where they find the opportunity to put themselves into patients and their families’ shoes and create a big “aha moment” for the staff members and light the candle of person-centered care among them.

In this workshop participants will learn:

· How to plan experiential learning sessions

· How to conduct experiential sessions and potential pitfalls during the program

· How to measure the impact of experiential sessions on staff members

· Be exposed to one or two experiential learning experiences to better understand the concept

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– 11:30-13:30: Advancing Patient and Family-Centered Care: Partnership Strategies that Work

This workshop introduces critical elements of a culture of Patient and Family Engaged Care, a logical sequencing for implementation, and provides practical examples and solutions for organizations focused on supporting person-centered care approaches and culture.

Participants will:

  • Increase their ability to draw on the most current literature and scientific evidence to make connections between person- and family-centered approaches to care and improved health and healthcare outcomes.
  • Learn more about essential organizational practices, structures and skill-building opportunities that work together to create, strengthen and sustain an organizational culture of person-centered care.
  • Be provided with tools to support implementation of a culture change program and patient preferred practices.

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Person-Centered Care Conference

The Person-Centered Care: A New Healthcare Model
September 27-28, 2019

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