Our Centers of Excellence
Bellevue International Training Center

Inaugurated in April 2011, the Bellevue International Training Center (BITC) was created with the goal to offer world-class education and trainings covering a wide variety of medical topics. The talks are conducted by and aimed at healthcare professionals.


Diabetes Center

At Bellevue, we believe that diabetes is an adaptable condition that does not necessarily stop patients from living a full life, especially when well monitored. This is why we offer a comprehensive Diabetes Center to educate each of our patients on the nature of their condition and their particular needs. We cover areas such as daily activity, meal planning, physical exercise, blood glucose self-monitoring and the proper way to administer medication.

Dialysis Center

Bellevue’s Dialysis Center is outfitted with the latest technologically-advanced equipment to help our team provide the best possible treatment opportunities to dialysis patients.

Maternity Center

Offering prenatal, perinatal and postnatal services, the busy maternity ward at Bellevue is one of most comprehensive birth and delivery centers in Lebanon. Highly rated by mothers across the country, our team ensures every mother and baby are receiving the best service in a department where the highest standards of care and safety are applied.

Musculoskeletal Center

Bellevue’s Musculoskeletal Center was founded by renowned orthopedic surgeon Professor Ghassan Maalouf and holds a team of highly experienced and reputed physicians that specialize in various orthopedic sub-divisions.

Spine Center

Founded by world-renowned neurosurgeon Professor Nabil Okais, Bellevue’s Spine Center was created to offer patients a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment experience for spinal conditions.