Mission, Vision & Core Values

“What comes from the heart,
goes to the heart”


We are committed to offer, with love and compassion, the highest quality healthcare to our community in an environment of excellence, healing, person-centeredness and continuous growth.


We will be the leading healthcare organization in the provision of compassionate and person-centered care delivered in a safe, healing and state-of-the art facility.


To be able to achieve its vision, Bellevue adopts the following values:

  • Compassionate Care:
    Is our healthcare practice characterized with humanity and served with love from the heart.
  • Patient First:
    Is our operational framework for person-centered care philosophy.
  • Family Environment:
    Is how we practice teamwork.
  • Patient Safety:
    Is the core of our continuous quality improvement program.
  • Partnership:
    Is our approach to patients, families, employees, physicians, and our community.
  • Enthusiasm, Responsibility, and Accountability:
    Is what differentiates our staff’s practice.
  • Continuous Growth:
    Is what we seek in our journey to be a learning organization.
  • Innovation/Creativity:
    Is our competitive edge that keeps us ahead of competitors.
BMC Board & Executive team

Bellevue Medical Center is a privately owned institution by the Maalouf family

Strategic Directions

BMC is committed to patient and family centered care initiatives and approach.