Our Standards of Care
A culture of safety

& continuous improvement

Our Healthcare Professionals

Bellevue has always based its growth on a careful selection of human and technical resources. We strive to hire and retain a team of certified and qualified physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals that share our values and commitment to patient care, in order to achieve our organization’s professional and ethical goals.

A Culture of Safety and Continuous Improvement

Patient safety stands at the core of our values and inspires our vision. It is the foundation our institution is built upon and is embedded in our strategy and all our systems, procedures and practices, helping shape a patient-centered culture across our facilities.

Patient Delight is Our Passion

It is our belief that a serene atmosphere and healing environment contribute to a positive patient experience. Our aim is to ensure our patients enjoy a most comfortable stay in our hospital, marked by a high level of service and excellent care.

Cutting-Edge Medical Equipment

To better serve our patients, we offer an exceptional range of innovative equipment that include an MRI, a CT Scan, Fluoroscopic X-Ray, Routine X-Ray, 4D Ultrasounds, 3D Echocardiography, Bone Densitometry (I-DEXA) and Digital Mammography among others. Safety considerations have been incorporated in the design of the building and in every room, with the highest international building standards applied.

Measuring our Quality of Care

BMC is one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the country

Our Accreditations and Awards

A proof of applying international standards and best practice in healthcare.