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Maternity Center

Offering prenatal, perinatal and postnatal services, the busy maternity ward at Bellevue is one of the most comprehensive birth and delivery centers in Lebanon. Highly rated by mothers across the country, our team ensures every mother and baby is receiving the best service in a department where the highest standards of care and safety are applied.

Our team of physicians, midwives, dieticians and psychologists proudly accompany every mother on her unique childbirth journey, following the latest recommendations in birthing care and tailoring a birth plan that suits her medical and personal needs. In addition, our trained midwives assist in breastfeeding initiation and training to help mothers adapt to their new lifestyle.

Our beautiful birthing suites are fully-equipped to handle all cases of labor and delivery.
Our LDR rooms overlook the beautiful greenery of the area and our special OR is located next to the delivery rooms in case of emergencies.

Bellevue’s Maternity Center privileges mother and baby safety above all else, which is why visitor access to the maternity unit is very closely monitored. As well, it encourages rooming-in because of its benefits for the mother and the baby, such as:

  • Improved breastfeeding experience
  • Early identification hunger cues
  • Learn better about baby cues (sleepy, stressed …)
  • Increase confidence in handling and caring for the baby
  • More skin to skin contact
  • Less infant crying and distress
  • Better quality of sleep knowing that the baby is near the mother and sleeping

In addition, feto-maternal care, an IVF laboratory and a NICU equipped with the latest technology complete the department to offer a wide range of maternal services.

If you are delivering at Bellevue, here is a guide on what to pack for your delivery

Our prenatal classes:

The prenatal educational program at Bellevue Medical Center provides new mothers with a series of classes that helps them prepare for the major experience of labor and delivery, answers their questions and fears, and makes them feel more confident about their pregnancy and the birth process.

It is accessible to any new mother, even if not planning to deliver at the hospital. Sessions start from the 4th month of pregnancy until delivery and cover various engaging topics related to both pregnancy and birth. They also include discussions, breathing, relaxation, and muscle strengthening exercises. A special class is reserved for a popular “aquagym” class at the pool.

Check out our upcoming sessions here.

Our postnatal service:

After birth, mothers need to adjust to their new life with baby, figure out many things related to baby’s and their own health, and often find little professional advice to resort to. Our post-natal services include:

  • Breastfeeding advice: check out our monthly session here.
  • For your frequently asked questions about breastfeeding, click here
  • Baby care
  • Parenting support
  • Pelvic rehabilitation (physiotherapy course)
  • Baby blues counseling (with psychotherapist)
  • Dietary counseling (with clinical dietician)
  • Educational videos:
    • How to massage your baby
    • How to change your baby’s diaper
    • How to give your newborn a bath

Don’t forget to check out our maternity educational videos here.

For reservations or further inquiries, please call us on 01-682666, ext. 2400 or on the Maternity Hotline 01 698334.

For breastfeeding, baby care, and parenting support, please call us on 01-682666, ext. 2400 or on the Maternity Hotline 01 698334.

For the parenting support, or other services, please call us on 01-682666

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