Person-Centered Care Information

Bellevue Medical Center is now a patient-centered care hospital certified by the Planetree Organization.

What is Planetree?

The Planetree Organization is a non-profit association that provides education and information in a collaborative community of healthcare organizations, serving as a global leader in facilitating efforts to create person-centered care in healing environments.

As a Planetree-certified hospital, Bellevue has obtained the highest level of achievement in person-centered care on evidence-based standards. Along with the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, this sets the highest standards of quality, safety and person-centered care offered to patients and their families.

What does this mean for our patients and their loved ones?

The main standards of person-centered care that have been applied at Bellevue include:

  • Promoting patient and family involvement in care and decision making
  • Flexible 24-hour family and friend presence through patient-directed visitation
  • Timely access to healthcare information
  • Partnership with caregivers through the care partner program
  • Arts and entertainment programs
  • Integrative medicine modalities
  • Promoting a healing environment and allocating healing spaces for patients, families, visitors and caregivers

Planetree believes that person-centered care also impacts hospital employees, which is why caring for the caregiver is an essential aspect of the certification. We understand that employee engagement and support is fundamental in achieving person-centered care requirements.

The hospital is committed, through its mission, vision and values, to maintaining these person-centered care principles and continuing to offer the best possible service to its patients, community and employees.

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success”

Swami Sivananda

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