Our involvement in the community

the quality of life in
the communities we serve.

Every year, our community affairs team organizes a number of activities aimed at supporting patients and promoting health. These activities include emotional and spiritual support for patients through volunteer visits, health awareness campaigns, fundraising efforts for patients with financial needs and charity work, among other efforts. Additionally, we try to collaborate with NGOs that bring awareness to a spectrum of conditions and illnesses in order to offer better patient care.

Green Hospital

Since the very beginning, Bellevue has strived to fulfill its vision by contributing to the community and preserving the environment. To support those goals, the medical center integrated sustainable practices in its very infrastructure, design, building and facility management.

Bellevue also incorporated a 6-point strategy into its daily operations:

  • Green Building Design / Efficiency in Use of Energy
  • Environmental Preferable Purchasing and Material Management
  • Reduction of Emissions
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Diagnosis / Treatment of Public Health Issues
  • Education and CSR

At the end of every year, the green impact of the hospital is assessed and new targets are set in order to further our sustainable vision.

How to reach us: Maps & Directions

BMC is located 20km (30 minutes) from Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, 13Km (20 minutes) from Beirut City Center, and 3 Km (4 minutes) from Mkalles crossroad.

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