Be Involved in my Care
At Bellevue Medical Center,

you are the center of our care!

At Bellevue, we value your input and understand that you are an integral part of your care team. To support that belief, we encourage you to partake in any decisions about your condition and share any particular needs that you may have.

How can I be involved in my care?

First, as a patient, you can make your care safer by being an active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team. We highly encourage you to speak up and ask questions about matters such as your care plan and medication intake, dosage and potential side effects. Additionally, we strongly urge you to raise any safety concerns and report any incidents and issues that may arise.

Second, we have implemented several processes to keep you updated in regards to your plan of care and give you the opportunity to ask questions, address concerns and be involved to the degree that you wish. The processes include daily healthcare team rounds and nursing bedside handover, along with integrated care plans discussed, shared with and signed by you and the communication boards available in your room.

Before your discharge, make sure that you have all the information you need to smoothly navigate your care journey. Ask about medication dosage, intake and side effects, as well as the medical equipment you need and how to use them, and check whether or not you require any follow-up appointments.

Our healthcare team will ensure that you are appropriately informed, involved and an active participant in the process at all times.

Remember that our entire platform revolves around your comfort and needs.

Involve my Family in my Care

As a person-centered care hospital, we strongly encourage family and friends to be active members of your care and to participate in our “Care partner program.”

Education during my Stay

During your stay, we continuously provide you with verbal and written educational material that supports you and your family care partner in participating in care decisions and care processes.