Clinical Specialties & Medical Services
  • Allergology
    Bellevue’s team of allergologists provide comprehensive care for patients suffering from a variety of conditions that include allergic disorders of the eyes, nose, throat and sinuses, as well as allergic skin disorders, disorders of the immune system, asthma and other lung diseases.
  • Anesthesiology & Pain Management
    Our anesthesiologists combine their skills, knowledge and experience in order to diagnose and treat patients and optimize their comfort and prior to, during, and after surgery. Additionally, they work on pain management and excel in critical care medicine.
  • Cardiology
    Bellevue’s Cardiology department is a modern, well-equipped center led by a team of experienced cardiologists and renowned physicians. Diagnostic techniques available at the institution include ECG Monitoring, Stress Tests, Pharmacological Stress Echocardiography, Trans-oesophageal Echocardiography and Echo MRI. Additionally, our interventional cardiology procedures make use of the latest technologies to help cardiac catheterization lab physicians properly evaluate and treat patients with heart conditions and peripheral vascular disease.
  • Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank
    Our laboratory is home to a staff of fully-trained, certified medical healthcare experts that provide an extensive variety of timely and informative clinical laboratory services using the most up-to-date technology available.
  • Clinical Research
    Keeping in line with Bellevue’s commitment to encouraging medical advancements and innovation in the industry, we continue to conduct research in various fields of medicine. Our research studies undergo a thorough approval process led by a dedicated committee of professionals responsible for the promotion and facilitation of clinical research opportunities in an ethical manner. For more details, check out our Clinical Research section.
  • Dermatology
    Our competent team of dermatologists excels in a spectrum of sub-specialties with a particular focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various skin diseases, disorders and conditions.
  • Diabetes Center
    At Bellevue, we believe that diabetes is an adaptable condition that does not necessarily stop patients from living a full life, especially when well monitored. This is why we offer a comprehensive Diabetes Center to educate each of our patients on the nature of their condition and their particular needs. We cover areas such as daily activity, meal planning, physical exercise, blood glucose self-monitoring, and the proper way to administer medication. We also educate our patients on how to recognize symptoms and complications so they can remain independent and manage without medical assistance as much as possible. Additionally, the clinic is ideally located and optimally designed to provide a calm and healing environment. Managed by a multidisciplinary group of physicians, educators, and other healthcare providers, the center’s aim is to offer patients assistance while helping them manage their pain and maintain a good quality of life. For more information about our Diabetes Center, please call 01-682666 ext. 7430.
  • Dietetics & Nutrition
    Bellevue’s nutrition department offers a slew of health services to optimize our patients’ health and improve their dietary habits. We offer catering are serve our patients with customized foods and meals to suit their medical conditions and health needs. Additionally, and in order to satisfy a variety of different tastes and cultures, we offer a choice of Mediterranean and International menus to select from.
    Electroencephalogram (EEG) and electromyogram (EMG) help our physicians better understand the nervous system. Safe, easy and painless, an EEG test records the electrical waves of the brain, while an EMG evaluates the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles.
  • Emergency Care
    As one of the most elaborate emergency centers in the country, our 13-bed ER is run by a team of specialized emergency care surgeons, physicians and nurses. The medical center is home to a minor operating room and is conveniently located adjacent to the cardiac unit, laboratory, radiology and operating rooms.
  • Endocrinology
    Our Endocrinology and Metabolism department offers comprehensive consultations and treatment for patients with diseases that affect the endocrine system. These include diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and disorders of bone and calcium metabolism, as well as conditions of the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands and the female endocrine system.
  • Family Medicine
    Bellevue’s family medicine experts focus on providing preventative medicine services to patients of all ages, from babies and children to adults, parents, seniors and grandparents.
  • Gastroenterology & Proctology
    Our Gastroenterology department offers comprehensive, coordinated care for patients with digestive and liver diseases. Procedures performed by our team include Colonoscopy, Upper Endoscopy, ERCP Esophageal Dilatation, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and EUS Endoscopic Ultrasounds.
  • General Surgery
    Our general surgeons perform a variety of general, abdominal and laparoscopic surgeries. In an effort to provide our patients with a smoother service and easier access to our medical solutions, we are performing an increasing number of same-day procedures in our specialized unit, admitting suitable patients for surgery without requiring them to stay in the hospital following their operation and discharging them on the same day.
  • Geriatrics
    Our geriatric physicians are specialized in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of elderly patients with simple or complex medical conditions. They understand the psychological and physiological issues associated with growing older and are committed to preserving the independence and dignity of their patients, while providing the latest treatments and a comprehensive host of geriatric services.
  • Headaches and Chronic Pain Program
    Bellevue Medical Center Headache and Chronic Pain Clinic is in collaboration with Pain Center at Lariboisière Hospital, Paris. At the clinic a multidisciplinary team works together to tailor individualized treatments. This team includes:
    • Pain Specialist
    • Neurologist
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Pediatrician
    • Stress management specialist
    • ENT doctor
    • Orthopedic Surgeon
    • Psychiatrist
    • Physical Therapist
    • Rheumatologist
    This program is for you if you suffer from:
    • Headache and migraine
    • Facial Pain
    • Fibromyalgia (chronic fatigue,...)
    • Post Surgical Pain
    • Neuropathic Pain
    • Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Restless Leg Syndrome
    • Cancer Pain
    Our approach is tailored to fit your individual needs. It includes:
    • Medication
    • Psychological approaches
    • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
    • Integrative medicine
    • Surgical intervention
  • Hematology
    Bellevue offers expert diagnosis and treatment solutions for a variety of hematological disorders that include malignant blood diseases such as Leukemia, Lymphoma and common Myeloma, clotting diseases and hereditary blood diseases, Hodgkin's Disease and Thrombocytopenia.
  • Immunology
    Our immunology department provides a large range of clinical and laboratory services for autoimmune and allergic disorders.
  • Infectious diseases
    Our Infectious Disease unit is home to a staff of renowned physicians trained in managing disorders caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites, such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Clostridium Difficile and MRSA. Our travel clinic also provides specialized care before and after international journeys.
  • Intensive Care Unit
    Bellevue’s intensive care center is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as ventilators and advanced monitoring machines. The unit’s on-site team features highly-qualified intensivists and experienced nurses that combine advanced expertise and special training to offer care services for patients with advanced needs. The center operates at a high ratio of staff per patient in order to comply with the highest international standards of care and provide the best outcome for each one of our patients.
  • Internal Medicine
    Our internal medicine specialists offer a wide range of medical procedures and treatments, working closely with our surgical team to perform pre-operative evaluations and prevent and treat post-operative complications. In addition, the staff includes select internists that also specialize as hospitalists in order to best provide our patients with the medical care they need.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care
    Bellevue’s Neonatal Intensive Care unit is committed to providing comprehensive neonatal diagnostic services and treatments for critically ill newborns. The unit is a state-of-the-art and modern 8-bed center outfitted with the latest medical advancements and led by a team of expert neonatologists and empathic nurses.
  • Nephrology
    Our Nephrology department offers thorough diagnostic services and a comprehensive range of medical treatment options, including dialysis for patients with advanced kidney disease. The new and modern 15-bed dialysis center is outfitted with leading-edge technology to ensure optimal efficiency, comfort and safety for each of our patients. The center is also ideally located to overlook the stunning scenery of the green valley of Qanater Zbaydah, providing patients with a serene and nurturing atmosphere to boost their morale and a natural healing environment to positively affect the recovery process.
  • Neurology
    Our neurologists at Bellevue provide a comprehensive spectrum of services that include evaluation, accurate diagnosis, advanced treatment and careful follow-up for patients with conditions that affect the nervous system.
  • Neurosurgery
    Our neurosurgeons combine expertise and innovative techniques to deliver comprehensive, personalized care and surgical solutions for a wide range of conditions.
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
    At Bellevue, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding patient-centered care for women through a wide range of services that diagnose and treat obstetric and gynecologic conditions, as well as other health concerns. Our maternity unit is fully equipped and optimally designed to provide our new and returning mothers with the highest quality patient care for them and their newborns. For more details, check out our Maternity Center section.
  • Oncology
    Our staff of reputed oncologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the most difficult types of cancer. Through comprehensive services and a most compassionate attitude, our knowledgeable nurses and well-trained medical experts diagnose, treat and support all cancer patients during their hospital stay, optimizing their recovery chances.
  • Ophthalmology
    Through a number of dedicated clinics, Bellevue provides a comprehensive set of ophthalmology services that includes routine and advanced surgery options for patients with more severe conditions.
  • Orthopedics
    Our elaborate Orthopedics department is home to a team of renowned surgeons and orthopedic specialists from across the country. The center offers treatments for a number of disorders, namely bone metabolism diseases, scoliosis, bone deformities, sports injuries, arthroscopic management of the knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows and wrists, joint replacement, spinal surgery, hand surgery and complex fractures.
  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
    Bellevue’s experienced otolaryngologists are recognized in the diagnosis and management of ear, nose, throat, head and neck disorders.
  • Pediatrics
    Our Pediatrics department is led by a team of experienced physicians and surgeons that excel in the general pediatrics field and their individual sub-specialties, providing both routine procedures and treatments and more advanced care for children with special needs. From minor injuries and illnesses to chronic diseases and developmental issues, our pediatrics ward is warm and friendly to ease the pain of the children and help with their recovery.
  • Pharmacy
    Bellevue houses a pharmaceutical department that consists of clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support personnel that continuously adopt the highest international standards to ensure patients receive the best care possible.
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
    Our Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy center is ideally located to overlook the beautiful greenery surrounding the hospital and the scenic views of the green valley of Qanater Zbaidah, serving patients with a nurturing and healing atmosphere to help with their recovery. We offer a slew of services to both short-stay and long-stay patients. With a dry area that includes an advanced gymnasium featuring a wide range of specialized equipment catering for different types of rehabilitation, and a wet area that houses a multi-leveled hydrotherapy pool with aqua bikes and water jet massage therapy, the center is one of the most comprehensive rehab facilities in the country.
  • Plastic Surgery
    Our Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery department features services that include the latest medical and surgical interventions and treatments through top-of-the-line face, body and laser procedures. Our team also perform highly-advanced hand surgery techniques, including advanced VASER among others.
  • Psychiatry
    Our Psychiatric department offers carefully selected services for both inpatients and outpatients, that include treatment plans for mood and anxiety disorders, substance addictions, eating disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders, among other specific conditions.
  • Psychotherapy & Counseling
    Our psychiatric services cater to patients suffering from conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders, substance addictions, eating disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders, among other specific conditions.
  • Pulmonary Medicine
    Bellevue’s pulmonary and critical care physicians offer a slew of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for conditions that affect lungs and breathing, treating conditions such as Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Cough, Pneumonia and Lung Cancer. The center also offers pulmonary rehabilitation programs for patients in need.
  • Radiology & Imaging Services
    Our Radiology department is led and managed by our team of experienced radiologists and radiographers, boasting an exceptional range of diagnostic equipment that include an MRI, CT Scan, Fluoroscopic X-Ray, 4D Ultrasound, 3D Echocardiography, I-DEXA Bone Densitometry, Digital Mammography and other advanced equipment.
  • Rehabilitation Services
    Our Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Center is ideally located to overlook the beautiful landscapes surrounding the hospital and the scenic views of the green valley of Qanater Zbaidah, serving patients with a nurturing and healing atmosphere to help with their recovery. We offer a slew of services to both short-stay and long-stay patients. With a dry area that includes an advanced gymnasium featuring a wide range of specialized equipment catering to different types of rehabilitation, and a wet area that houses a multi-leveled hydrotherapy pool with aqua bikes and water jet massage therapy, the center is one of the most comprehensive rehab facilities in the country. In addition to more traditional rehabilitation services, Bellevue also offers solutions that treat physical, speech and swallow therapy.
  • Rheumatology
    Bellevue’s experienced staff of rheumatologists diagnose and treat clinical issues that affect the joints and connective tissues, including all forms of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders and Osteoporosis. Additionally, the Musculoskeletal Center allows physicians to collaborate with colleagues and peers that specialize in other medical fields in order to offer a multidisciplinary approach and provide patients with a complete care service.
  • Stress Management Unit
    At Bellevue, we understand that your emotional wellbeing is directly tied to your physical health. When you feel emotionally stressed out, your body release hormones called Cortisol and Adrenaline as a natural response to threats. High levels of stress lead to a higher release of these hormones which leads to adverse emotional, physical and behavioral health effects. Our Stress Management Unit offers a choice of modalities to help control stress and optimize treatment outcomes.
    • Acupuncture
    • Aromatherapy
    • Art and Drama Mediation
    • Healing Massage
    • Hydrotherapy
    • Life Coaching
    • Osteopathy
    • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
    • Psychotherapy
    • Yoga
  • Thoracic Surgery
    The Urology department at Bellevue offers a unique modern center that combines cutting-edge technology with long-standing physician expertise to treat different kinds of urological conditions and disorders. We provide a host of treatment options and procedures, including diagnostic testing of urological problems (Urodynamics), care for kidney and bladder infections and diseases, laser treatment for enlarged prostate, lithotripsy, Ablatherm® for the removal of adenocarcinomas and laser surgery for kidney stone management.
  • Urology
    The urology department offers a unique state of the art center which combines cutting-edge technology with a long-term physician expertise to treat different kinds of urological conditions. Several treatments and procedures are provided by our urologists, including diagnostic testing of urological problems (urodynamics), care for kidney and bladder infections and diseases, laser treatment for enlarged prostate, lithotripsy, ablatherm® for the removal of adenocarcinomas, laser surgery for kidney stone management and more.
  • Vascular Surgery
    Bellevue’s expert vascular surgeons provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and therapeutic interventions for the entire spectrum of circulatory disorders.
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