Clinical Research
Keeping in line with it’s commitment to

advances and innovation in medicine

Keeping in line with our commitment to advancing the medical field and promoting innovation in the sector, Bellevue participates in the conduct of research in various branches of medicine. Research studies undergo a thorough approval process conducted by a dedicated committee of professionals responsible for the promotion and facilitation of ethical clinical research.

You may find below a list of clinical research trials that are currently ongoing at Bellevue.

Condition/Illness Related Research
Brief Summary Bellevue Medical
Center Investigator
Advanced Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Classic-MS

Protocol #: MS700568_0026

The aim of this study is to see if patients with multiple sclerosis who are treated with cladribine tablets will have good long-term outcomes and durability of effect. Dr. Souheil Gebeily

Co-investigator:  Dr. Samar Abbas

Crohn’s Disease (Moderately to severely active) Galaxi study:

Protocol #: CNTO1959CRD3001

The aim of this study is to see if guselkumab is efficient and safe in patients who have moderately to severely active Crohn’s disease. Dr. Bilal Hoteit
Chronic Heart Failure Observe-HF CLCZ696BLB01 A non-interventional prospective OBSERVational 3-month study to characterize the real-life treatment patterns of dose changes in Loop diuretic dose and Sacubitril/Valsartan in patients with chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction in Lebanon and Jordan. Dr. Ghassan Kiwan
Heart Failure LHFR (Lebanese Heart Failure
This is a registry done on a national level and Bellevue is one of the hospitals that were selected by the Lebanese Society of Cardiology to be a recruiting site for heart failure patients who are already diagnosed a while ago and for the newly diagnosed patients with heart failure in order to have an estimated number of patients in Lebanon with heart failure. Dr. Georges Saade