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Bellevue Medical Center is an

innovative and internationally designated hospital

Bellevue is an innovative and internationally-designated hospital that offers a wide variety of opportunities for those who join its professional teams. The hospital thrives on a secure, empowering, family-oriented, respectful and rewarding environment for its staff and patients.

Our Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and Planetree Gold certification ensure that we operate the highest standards of quality. Our staff share our philosophy and build on their knowledge and skills by adopting our standards and excelling in person-centered care.

The hospital strives to empower its employees by serving as a learning organization. We provide equal employment opportunities to the staff by supporting continuous education, nurturing possibilities of internal promotions and taking into account their ideas and concerns by adding select staff members to our different committees.

The hospital strives to empower its employees by serving as a learning organization.

Training and Development

Bellevue is a firm believer in the proper development of its staff and their growth. To support its aim of nurturing a staff of technically-skilled, efficient and knowledgeable doctors and medical professionals, the hospital holds performance appraisals to identify the training needs of its staff on a yearly basis, tailoring its internal and external plans to fill the gaps and answer to those needs.

Bellevue Loyalty and Recognition Plan

Since its foundation, Bellevue has considered its employees to be a pillar of growth and its greatest asset. In order to thank their efforts and recognize their patient-centered service excellence, we have developed an employee loyalty and recognition plan built on a reward and incentive system. Based on the performance and needs, we over benefits and recognition to outstanding service. That includes choosing an employee of the month, employee of the year, department of the year, pride award, referral program, seniority benefits, over achievement and high-performing staff members.