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quality & patient centered care

Bellevue is more than a simple hospital. It is a medical institution built on quality and patient-centered care in a serene and nurturing environment.


Accredited by the Joint Commission International, Bellevue upholds the highest standards in healthcare on evidence-based guidelines. Our employees are fully trained in the principles of safe and effective quality healthcare, which is reflected in all hospital policies and procedures.

The green serene environment makes our envious location an ideal place for healthcare

Patient-Centered Approach

We are very proud to be the first hospital in Lebanon to be awarded to Planetree Organization Gold Seal, and only the second to receive the acclaim in the MENA region. We consider that honor as a reminder of the promise we made to our patients and the community to always privilege their needs above all else. Our host of solutions is designed to ensure every one of our patients receives the most holistic care and benefits from the best chance of recovery.

Healing environment

From our earliest concept, the hospital was designed to resemble a big home in order to make our patients feel at ease during their short-term or long-term stay. The design was set up in a manner that optimizes all processes and services while maintaining our patients’ safety on every level.

Additionally, the location was chosen for the natural and healing benefits it brings, with the beautiful scenery and lush greenery adding a nurturing dimension to the hospital, while at the same time ensuring privacy and a high level of confidentiality.

Useful Information

We believe those who play significant roles in the lives of our patients also play positive roles in their recovery.

Clinical Specialties & Medical Services

Our clinical specialties and medical services