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Why donate to Bellevue Medical Center?

At Bellevue Medical Center, we are committed to offer, with love and compassion, the highest quality healthcare to our patients and the community. Your generous support helps us achieve our goals.

How are your donations used?

  • Support Bellevue Medical Center, after the explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020

During our emergency response to the tragic accident, the Hospital received and treated 316 patients, conducted 54 operations and 18 minor surgeries. These necessitated extensive use of hospital services and resources, such as medical imaging where more than 100 plain radiology exams and 70 CT scans were performed. The achievements in saving lives and treating casualties would not have been possible without the exceptional commitment and dedication of the BMC team: Around 250 hospital staff and 70 physicians from various specialties, in addition to 22 house staff members, participated on-site in the response to the disaster.

  • Support Bellevue Medical Center’s readiness to the Covid-19 outbreak

Over the past months, Bellevue Medical Center has intensively prepared for the response to the Covid-19 outbreak adopting all necessary precautions and safety measures, as well as creating various units, and acquiring new equipment. As a result:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) were purchased in large quantities
  • A fully equipped infectious diseases emergency section is available outside ER for triaging patients
  • A dedicated Covid-19 inpatient unit was created with 2 ICU beds besides regular beds
  • A PCR testing machine was acquired and a molecular biology laboratory was established

The Covid-19 multidisciplinary taskforce meets weekly since February 2020 to lead, oversee and evaluate the measures, processes and response to the outbreak as it spreads in the country. Surveys and feedback from patients, physicians and staff have shown full satisfaction with the safety measures in place at BMC.

  • Support Bellevue Medical Center Staff

As Covid-19 continues to spread in Lebanon amidst a worsening economic crisis, the healthcare providers at Bellevue Medical Center selflessly work around the clock to provide excellent quality care to patients. Your donations will help alleviate their financial burden, supporting them and their families in these difficult economic conditions.

  • Support Bellevue Medical Center maintain excellent quality care and person-centeredness

Your donation will be used to preserve our state of the art care delivery, at a time the hospital sector in Lebanon is struggling to survive in the middle of an unprecedented economic crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. BMC is committed to maintain its compliance with the Lebanese Ministry of Health accreditation standards, Joint Commission International standards, and Planetree designation requirements.

How can I donate?

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How to reach us: Maps & Directions

BMC is located 20km (30 minutes) from Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport, 13Km (20 minutes) from Beirut City Center, and 3 Km (4 minutes) from Mkalles crossroad.

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