COVID-19 Precautionary Measures
Precautionary measures

to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff


A COVID-19 taskforce was created, it consists of a multidisciplinary team, to create new guidelines and processes for the management of the crisis and to prevent transmission within the hospital, based on national and international guidelines by MoPH, CDC, and WHO.

As well, an infection control team was created to audit, train, educate and be present at all times in the hospitals.


Strict measures are taken to ensure safe delivery of supplies with no risk of contamination including  disinfection and control of any material entering the hospital.


Temporary visiting hours have been modified and number of visitors has been limited. You can check the new ones here.

Radiology Department

To ensure patients’ safety, appointments are one hour spaced, to respect the time allocated for disinfecting between one and another. As well, it decreases the crowd in the area.


To ensure appropriate physical distancing, cafeteria service is now available for take-away only. Providing  plats du jour, in addition to salads, sandwiches, drinks, and wrapped desserts.
The opening hours have been changed to the following: Mon-Sun from 7 am to 6 pm.


For the safety of our patients, visitors and staff, monitoring of temperature and symptoms is conducted to each person entering the hospital. As well, a survey about their latest travels and their contact with suspected patients is set to assess the risk of holding the virus.  Also, masks are distributed to anyone entering the hospital.


Many education initiatives are also implemented: educational stand, brochures, and leaflets, experts talk videos, live Q&As, and social media campaigns. As well, awareness signage all around the hospital educating people about the importance of physical distancing, hand washing, etc.

You can check our educational materials here.

Maternity Department

Rooming-in is all day long starting day-0, even for bathing and pediatric consultation.


Many measures were taken to protect our employees, patient and visitors, including but not limited to:

  • A plexi separation to avoid close contact with the patients
  • Red lines and footprints to ensure that the physical distancing with our employees and between our patients is respected

PCR test is conducted to all patients prior to admission.

For elective surgeries, a medical committee reviews the patient file and gives approval prior to surgery.

Patients can rest assured that all our outpatient areas including: clinics, laboratory, radiology department are safe for them to visit and conduct their tests.

Infectious Diseases Emergency Department

An Infectious diseases emergency department was created outside the ER for the triage of patients.

Additional services for outpatients and visitors:

  • Home Lab Service includes insurance approvals and withdrawal of blood sample at your place, for more information click here.
  • Hotline: If you need medical advice or have questions regarding any medical specialty, call 1565 and our specialists are always available to help you.
  • Whatsapp service From the comfort of your home, you can send the required documents via whatsapp and we will obtain insurance approvals:
    For outpatients 0096171167000
    For inpatients 0096171104000


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