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For an online consultation with one of our physicians, please follow this link:

Book a 15-minute consultation on Bellevue Medical Center-Lebanon online platform. Prior to your consultation appointment, please install “ZOOM client for meetings” application on your computer or mobile device. To install it on your computer, please click here. To install it on your Apple mobile device, please click here. To install it on your Android mobile device, please click here. If you couldn’t install the application, you can use your web browser from your computer. You can join up to 15 minutes prior to the consultation by clicking on the link sent to you upon the consultation confirmation or thru the appointment created on your calendar. To take an appointment at Bellevue clinics, please call us on 009611682666. For technical assistance, please contact the IT team on extension 7505 during working hours from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Terms and Conditions:

Telemedicine consultation offered by Bellevue Medical Center relies on online information and does not replace clinical examination. Physicians may not become aware of certain facts that affect the diagnosis and the treatment. Physicians and Bellevue Medical Center are not responsible for the clinical evolution and follow-up of your condition. If you do not agree to the above, you may leave this application and your appointment is void. By continuing, you agree to the following: Electronic information transmission is risky. There is no guarantee about the accuracy and confidentiality of the diagnosis or results based on this consultation. I discharge the physician, the Bellevue Medical Center, and its medical staff, of any responsibility, claim, or compensation resulting from this consultation and its results of any kind. I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agreed to all of the above without any reservation. My consent via e-mail is producing all its legal effects without the need for any further action.