360 Health Check Program
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360 Health Check Program

Bellevue’s 360 Health Check Program is a comprehensive, time-efficient health evaluation program that covers all tests and consultations necessary for a full health assessment.

The program encompasses a wide range of medical tests and examinations that include routine blood tests, cardiac evaluation, abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds, breast cancer evaluation and bone densitometry for women, among others. The services are performed in a serene and luxurious high-tech facility that thrives on a combination of medical expertise, service excellence and quality patient care.

The program’s team of experts includes highly specialized renowned physicians, nutritionists and dietitians, physical therapists and other health specialists that operate in different fields and are entirely dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care.

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During your appointment, take advantage of the time allotted to you to ask your doctor about any question or to raise any concern that you may have.

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