Hospital Activities

Beirut, Lebanon – 2018: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health Ghassan Hasbani inaugurated the regional conference to reduce bone fractures in the Middle East, hosted once again by Bellevue Medical Center, in addition to the multidisciplinary spine center which adopts a different treatment approach in this field. The opening ceremony, organized by the Fragility Fracture Network (FFN), was attended by a large number of prominent Lebanese and international physicians, specialized nurses and other health specialists as well as media professionals.

The conference, which lasted for three consecutive days, discussed the latest scientific developments and treatments in the field of bone surgery. It also hosted eleven of the best international speakers in the world, including Professor Paolo Falaschi, president of Fragility Fracture Network (FFN), as well as a selection of famous Lebanese and international physicians and many specialists in several health fields, who shared the advanced methods in the field of bone surgery, including limbs surgery, spinal surgery, lower back pain, etc.

The conference coincided with the inauguration of the multidisciplinary spine center at the hospital, founded by Professor Nabil Okais. It is based on a new and comprehensive approach to treat patients and give them hope of recovery without resorting to the option of surgery immediately. This unique center includes a team of physicians and healthcare professionals from different specializations who study the file of each patient and meet with him to explain his condition in order to take effective action to relieve his pain , which in 90% of the cases might be done through non-surgical treatment options like: medical treatments, stress management, physiotheraphy and rehabilitation, osteopathy, psychotherapy and others.