Hospital Activities

Professor Nabil Okais, founder of the spine center and the stress management unit, welcomed the audience, saying: “At Bellevue, we believe in the importance of a balanced treatment for the body, mind and soul of the patient. We implement international standards of person-centered care, and we are the first hospital in Lebanon to be gold-certified by the prestigious Planetree International. Illnesses and physical symptoms are known to be closely linked to psychological well-being; hence, the need for complementary treatment modalities that help reduce and manage stress.”
Attendees took part in an empowerment and happiness session given by Mrs Najla Ammouri, coordinator of the stress management unit, breakthrough coach and yoga therapist. The session included yoga, and a relaxing exercise that decreases the levels of cortisol, known to be the major stress hormone.
As well, guests enjoyed complementary treatment sessions that alleviate tension, and are provided within the stress management unit: acupuncture, aromatherapy, healing massage, osteopathy and physiotherapy. Acupuncture is shown, in certain studies, to reduce 50% of chronic pain, and it boosts the immune system. Aromatherapy, and more specifically the lavender aroma, is known to uplift the mood and improve sleep, while the healing massage reduces muscle tension. Other treatments included osteopathy, which plays an important role in reducing muscle cramps and pain in addition to physiotherapy. Last but not least, life coaching was provided to enhance self-confidence with a more positive outlook in life.