Be involved in my care
At Bellevue Medical Center,

you are the center of our care!

We encourage you to be part of your care team, to be involved in any decision about your care, to share any particular need that you may have.

How to be involved in your care?

First, as a patient, you can make your care safer by being active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team. Our team encourages you to speak up, ask questions for example about your care plan, your medications, and their side effects. Don’t be afraid to ask about your safety and or to report any incident that may arise.

Second, we have implemented several processes to keep you updated about your plan of care and give you the opportunity to ask questions, address concerns, and be involved to the degree that you wish. These processes include daily healthcare team rounds, the nursing bedside handovers, integrated care plans that are discussed, shared with and signed by you and the communication boards that are available in your room.

Before your discharge, please make sure that you have all the information you need to prepare you for your next level of care such learning about the medications that you need to take at home, how to use your medical equipment and your follow-up appointment if any.

Our healthcare team will make sure at all times that you are appropriately informed, involved and participating in your care.

Remember that we are all centered on you!

Involve my family in my care

As a person-centered care hospital, we strongly encourage family and friends to be active members of your care and to participate in our “Care partner program.”

Education during my stay

During your stay, we continuously provide you with verbal and written educational material that supports you and your family care partner in participating in care decisions and care processes.